Transaction Services

To "get the deal done" on time and within budget, DEALTEK adds value in many ways. We either can assist the project sponsor as an outside advisor or, in selected situations through DEALTEK Mission Critical Ventures (DEALTEK MCV), can form a joint venture or other partnering arrangement to pursue the project together. Either way, we can negotiate, document, and close the business, real estate, and finance transactions that comprise mission critical projects. Transaction services vary project-to-project, but often include one or more of the following:

  • Facilitate, conduct, and confirm negotiations, meetings, and other communications among the parties;
  • Review, provide business advice on, and finalize contracts and other documentation, including economic development incentive packages and governmental applications;
  • Initiate business relationships with and vet proposals from government bodies and agencies, utilities, banks and other capital sources, professional firms (architectural, engineering, environmental, accounting, law, or brokerage), property developers, and construction contractors;
  • Pursue and advocate zoning, permit, regulatory, and other governmental approvals;
  • Make presentations and provide other project support at government offices, governing body executive sessions, public meetings, and public hearings;
  • Prepare, arrange, and deliver “pitches” and similar funding requests to capital sources;
  • Package and manage company and project information; and
  • Coordinate due diligence, contract contingency resolution, and transaction closing

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