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DEALTEK teams with our clients by applying our DEALS® technology to their capital investment projects, enabling clients to frame, make, and execute well-informed decisions, After a client has engaged us to provide our highly regarded strategic management and project consulting services, we use DEALS to augment and deliver our services in those engagements. The result is that everyone gets to the negotiating table and then the closing table faster, smarter, and more cost-effectively.

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Just about every business goes through these project decisions at least once for its operations or facilities. EDAs get involved in many such projects each year, as do related service providers. However, too often, because a good decision tool hasn't been available, project teams are frustrated or at least unsure whether they are making the optimal decisions. As a result, deal making has been cumbersome, confusing, and expensive. DEALS solves these problems.

DEALS® software combines economic and demographic data, project specifications, and information on alternative business scenarios and financial projections. Then, the software screens locations according to criteria selected by the client company, calculates the relative start-up and operating costs in the candidate locations and transactions under consideration, compares the bottom line results of different decision choices, and helps the company to determine and negotiate the optimal operating environment for a particular business operation or facility.

This system also allows EDAs to focus on their locations' competitive strengths and weaknesses as against those of other locations vying for a corporate project. As a result, DEALS covers both the supply and demand sides of corporate development, expansion, consolidation, and location/relocation projects.

Among other benefits, DEALS® provides the following:
  • Speed. In the past, these projects took months or even years. But today's quick pace demands rapid turnarounds. DEALS is fast and comprehensive.
  • Efficiency. Budgets and resources are tight. The economy is uncertain, so is the project's viability particularly in its early stages. The project team can't afford to allocate resources unnecessarily to a project. DEALS allows project teams to efficiently control early-stage costs, collect and analyze data, model results, and track negotiations.
  • Process. Companies and EDAs often have no personnel or process to dedicate to the project, at least not without disrupting the regular course of business. For a company, DEALS is a battle-tested decision process to model and manage a strategic yet rare project. For an EDA, DEALS provides visibility to see multiple projects from the companies' perspectives. So, DEALS creates order out of chaos in one or many projects.
  • Flexibility. Projects are dynamic. The economic and demographic data, market conditions, and business scenarios certainly will change during the project. DEALS easily can change decision criteria, model an infinite number of "what if" scenarios, and optimize the decision choices as the project evolves from conception through implementation. DEALS is a flexible, low-risk alternative to traditionally rigid methods.
  • Competitive Advantage. To survive and hopefully thrive, a company must gain advantage over its competitors -- whether in workforce, operating costs, logistics, or market proximity. Similarly, each EDA faces stiff competition to attract or retain these projects, and needs to justify that its location is the best one for a company. With DEALS, companies and EDAs can benchmark cost structures and other location attributes against those of their competition. DEALS pinpoints the advantages - and disadvantages - in alternative business environments.
  • Privacy and Security. DEALTEK takes protection of your confidential information seriously. We never share your personal or project information with outside parties without your approval, or for purposes beyond the scope of your project. The DEALS system employs state-of-the-art physical security, firewall, monitoring, intrusion detection, filtering, and encryption technology to protect your digital assets.

The DEALS® software program and the method of using it are covered by US Patent Number 7,640,196.

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The DEALS ® software program and the method of using it are covered by US Patent Number 7,640,196.
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