Functions and Features
  • Combines US, state, or county economic and demographic data, project specifications, and company business scenarios including capital investment, utility usage, and other operating costs and headcount.
  • Provides nationwide data and links to other databases.
  • Allows manual updates of location data, project specifications, and business scenarios.
  • Screens, compares, and ranks candidate locations according to your selected criteria.
  • Creates one or more business scenarios from evolving or incomplete projections, either by using the DEALS wizards or by exporting the DEALS template to Microsoft Excel™, creating one or more scenarios in Excel™, and then importing them into DEALS.
  • Calculates and compares “apples-to-apples” the relative cost of doing business, including start-up and operating costs in alternative locations, transactions, and business scenarios.
  • Evaluates changes in these costs due to actual or “what if” changes in business plans, market conditions, project data, location details, and incentive packages.
  • Produces bottom line, net present value results of decision choices.
  • Guides the determination of the optimal operating environment for a business, relative to a location‘s constraints or flexibility.
  • Tracks negotiation progress and values negotiation deal points.
  • Permits annotations throughout the modeling process to document project discussions, negotiations, and decisions.
  • Prints financial details and summaries, location profiles, notes, charts, and graphs.
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