• To Corporations: determine & secure the optimal operating environment
    • Benchmark strengths & weaknesses among competitors, locations, & transactions
    • Compare & rank choices using multiple user-selected decision variables & weights
    • Adapt quickly to changes & "what ifs" in forecasts, project specs, & location facts
    • Focus on and measure the highest impact negotiation points
    • Model start-up & multi-year operating results (real $ & NPV) in multiple scenarios
    • Screen & select locations based on demographic, logistical, & financial criteria
  • To Economic Development Authorities: improve business retention & attraction
    • Accurately compare your location to others vying for the project
    • Highlight strengths and address weaknesses for better negotiation results
    • Compete on both costs and subjective benefits of doing business in your location.
    • Add powerful presentation and analytical tools, including financial modeling of project start- up and operations, to your marketing efforts
    • See the true impacts of incentives on the company & of the project on your location
  • To Service Providers: enhance client management and work product quality
    • Enable better management of multiple clients, projects, and project scenarios
    • Save time by quickly screening locations for viability
    • Perform insightful weighing, ranking, and scoring of the decision choices
    • Create reports with financial tables, fact matrices, field notes, & bar graphs
    • Add powerful, extensive, and user-friendly analytical support to your client service
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