Success Stories
Success Stories

The following vignettes are just some examples of the companies which we have served, the varied projects and deals in which we have been involved, and the successful results which we have achieved with them. We have worked with companies ranging from privately held to publicly traded, from small to large, from established to brand new, and from domestic to foreign.

Various Data Center Developers, Owners, and Operators:
Advised on or arranged the acquisition, construction, leasing, operation, or disposition of data centers and other mission critical facilities around the world. Structured, negotiated, and closed the acquisition of industrial complexes and other properties, then managed their conversions into large-scale data centers. Negotiated and secured incentives, including legislative changes, to significantly reduce or eliminate unintended tax and other consequences which otherwise would have been imposed on data centers, while simultaneously producing for the chosen locations positive economic and community impacts which otherwise would not have occurred without these projects.

Global 500 Internet, Technology, Cloud Computing, and E-Commerce Companies:
Crafted and executed strategies to create and operate multiple data centers, data center capacity, and related infrastructure in various countries on an expedited basis. Led parallel location and site selection processes, asset acquisitions, site assemblages, and project permit approvals. Negotiated purchase and sale, development, utility, tax, and other incentives contracts, resulting in cost and time savings worth tens of millions of dollars.

Wind Energy Projects

Wind Energy Projects:
Facilitated business relationships and negotiated contracts to create a public-private partnership for the development and operation of wind farms in North America and Europe.

UK-Headquartered Multinational Company:
Designed and ran the location and site selection process, initiated governmental and other stakeholder relationships, crystallized and negotiated deal choices, and consulted on the decision-making to establish a new vehicle parts manufacturing plant in North America.

Japan-headquartered manufacturer:
Start-up and expansion of a polyester resin production facility. A brownfield site, former military base, was chosen for a new polyester resin and film plant. We then developed and implemented the hiring and training programs to transfer technology to the U.S. from the parent company. The facility was started and producing high quality material for internal customer on time. The facility then tripled capacity in the next 6 years, involving a total capital investment of more than $600 million.

Major U.S. petroleum and chemical company

Major U.S. petroleum and chemical company:
Revitalization of a PVC production facility. Modern high capacity units were replacing older and low capacity PVC production facilities. The older units still represented a huge investment that needed to be utilized. A computerized control system was developed which allowed the facility to switch from commercial grades of PVC to specialized products, which had a higher profit margin. A major challenge was in the training of long-term employees on the new system. Detailed manuals and simulators were developed to implement the training. The system was installed and implemented in stages, which minimized disruption to operations.

Widely-recognized internet service provider

Widely-recognized internet service provider:
Introduced creative up-front and recurring cost minimization strategies which will save the company over $10 million on its new data center.

Japan-based Global 500 company:
$65 million greenfield development of a new polypropylene foam plant. A location for a new polypropylene foam plant was being sought to ensure optimal service to key customers. We handled all aspects of the location and site selection process. We also negotiated all project transactions, including optioning, acquisition, construction, incentive packages, and utility installation and connection, saving the company over $12 million. A hiring and training program also was developed and implemented. The facility was constructed on time and under budget despite weather and latent geotechnical challenges. The facility created new jobs and capital investment which exceeded the negotiated performance thresholds by more than 20%.

Germany-headquartered industrial materials manufacturer:
Comprehensive location analysis for a new U.S. manufacturing facility.

Global 500, Asia-based company:
$1 million of free land, plus $1 million in cash grants for project development costs.

Major U.S. Retailer:
1 million square-foot distribution center completed and operating within 9 months of closing on the land.

High-technology space systems manufacturer

High-technology space systems manufacturer:
Largest training reimbursement award per new job in the state's history.

Japan-headquartered multinational corporation:
Comprehensive Greenfield project location, negotiation, and development services for a state-of-the-art plastics manufacturing plant, which was completed within 12 months of negotiating the construction contract. Site has become the company's largest industrial holding in the world.

Global 500 industrial conglomerate:
Unique joint venture with a major US chemical company to produce carbon fiber at a new manufacturing complex next to the chemical company's plant, enabling the parties to aggregate electricity demand and share power purchased from one of the largest US electric utilities, resulting in a multi-year, multi-million dollar savings.

Leading U.S. consumer goods company:
Comprehensive project location, negotiation, and development services for a distribution center, resulting in $7 million in savings (net present value) and establishing the facility and transaction model for all subsequent facilities.

U.S. chemical manufacturer:
Successful technology licensing and facility development agreement in a Middle Eastern country, allowing the manufacturer's product line and know-how to penetrate Middle East markets for the first time.

Solar Energy Project

Solar Energy Project:
Prospected, analyzed, and vetted sites for solar energy installations in the US Southwest for the project sponsors.

Fortune 10 Company:
Successful negotiation and closing of over $3 billion in capital investments throughout U.S.

Austrian-headquartered industrial products manufacturer:
Comprehensive location analysis for a new U.S. manufacturing facility.

Privately-held New England-headquartered company:
Comprehensive location, negotiation, and development services for a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to be the hub for all North American manufacturing, resulting in over $15 million in upfront and recurring savings. Also served as project manager for site acquisition, plant construction, and workforce development, and as financial advisor on approximately $35 million of financing related to the project.

One of the largest U.S. drug store chains:
1.2 million square foot distribution center in West Coast state, receiving an incentive package valued at over $30 million.

Taiwan-headquartered industrial company

Taiwan-headquartered industrial company:
Comprehensive review and implementation services regarding business plan and incentive package for the development of a one-of-a-kind specialty chemical facility in the U.S.

Fortune 100 company:
Intensive cost-of-doing-business analysis comparing existing facility operations to potential operations in new locations, resulting in establishing a new strategic direction with an internal rate of return on capital investment of approximately 40%.

Regional real estate development firm:
Successful rezoning of residential tracts to commercial use despite significant opposition.

Construction materials manufacturer

Construction materials manufacturer:
Advocacy and establishment of new statutes effectively eliminating state income taxes for the company's new operation for up to 15 years.

Multi-state discount retailer:
Negotiated, among other project development deal points that included rezoning the site and creating an enterprise zone, an exemption from licensing taxes that saved the company over $2 million within first five years of operations, after government officials first told the company that it would have to pay this tax on its new distribution center activities.

Holland-based technology company:
Advisory services related to the development of its North American headquarters and to negotiations with government officials.

National brokerage firm:
Financing and tax strategies for its new office building, being among the first participants in a major city's urban enterprise zone.

International lenders:
Advisory, negotiation, and transaction closing services for U.S. and foreign banks on numerous financings involving commercial, retail, and industrial capital investment projects.

European automobile manufacturer

Other Selected Projects:

  • Major telecommunications company - corporate campus and headquarters facility
  • International telecommunications joint venture - corporate campus and headquarters facility
  • European automobile manufacturer - first U.S. manufacturing plant
  • Satellite-based broadcasting company - headquarters and production facility
  • Wireless PCS company - network operating centers, switching facilities, and headquarters
  • Food wholesalers - series of refrigerated and frozen distribution centers
  • European software producer - headquarters and training center
  • Precision optical manufacturer - new manufacturing and R&D facility
  • Space and satellite systems manufacturer - headquarters, corporate campus, and manufacturing, test, and integration facilities
  • Steel manufacturer - major fabrication and recycling facility
  • Leading hotel/hospitality company - headquarters expansion
  • Independent power producers - three electricity generation plants
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