Our Differentiators: Enhancing a Client's Competitive Advantage

DEALTEK® is a deliberately different company than others which consult on the location and site selection process. On our company's software side, DEALTEK is unique in having launched DEALS® on the market. By doing so, we are making a consultancy's proverbial "Black Box" readily available for stand-alone use directly by decision-makers, advisors, and other project participants. On our company's consulting side, here are six key differentiators between DEALTEK® and the others.


DEALTEK® specializes in corporate development, expansion/consolidation, and location/relocation decisions. We focus on enhancing our Clients' operational efficiency and bottom line results, in both the short and long terms. To pursue this focus, we offer Clients complete project related resources: from management, financial, and real estate consulting to technology applications; from analysis to advice; and from negotiation to implementation. We address workforce availability and skills, overall costs of doing business, facility needs, market access, and utility reliability, among other criteria, to ensure that we create the optimal operating environment for our Clients. To us, the location and site selection process is only one component - but an integral component - of the bigger, strategic decision making and implementation process.


We have an excellent track record in planning and executing major capital investment decisions on (or ahead of) budget and schedule. We limit the number of client engagements so that our principals can maximize engagement quality. The quality is evidenced by the fact that our blue-chip clientele comes exclusively from repeat business, word-of-mouth, and referrals from our alliances with prestigious organizations.


DEALTEK's services and technology-based decision tools reflect decades of both behind-the-scenes and front-line experiences. We have negotiated numerous facility projects and other major business deals, from industry's high-profile ones to more discreet ones. So, we know what needs to get done and how to do it with the necessary finesse and speed to maximize a Client's business opportunities. DEALTEK® is not a firm which routinely markets itself as having experience in subjects when it has little or none, or as having proprietary software when it is really just glorifying a spreadsheet.


DEALTEK® stays actively involved to get the deal done right. We bring best practices, creative thinking, and cutting edge techniques to each engagement. Our professionals don't make excuses - they don't need to. DEALTEK® is not a huge, high-turnover, and overhead-laden bureaucracy in which unsuspecting Clients have their tasks assigned to unfamiliar people.


Our integrated engagement approach consistently provides great benefits for our Clients, far in excess of our reasonable fees. The benefits usually include significantly improved operating environments, faster project completion times, and lower transaction, start-up, and operating costs. We produce this value with well-planned transactions, thorough business negotiations, and the proper use of discretionary incentives and legislative changes. Big-firm fees or brokerage commissions, minimum billable hour requirements, and sales quotas do not exist at DEALTEK®. And, we never charge for identifying a statutory tax credit or other incentive which the Client is entitled to receive by right.


Professionalism is a cornerstone of our reputation. We maintain confidentiality. We will not disclose information, including the Client's name, without the authority to do so. Sensitivities and politics, both inside and outside a Client's organization, often influence major corporate investment decisions. We manage these influences adeptly. And we are fiercely loyal to each Client in advancing its best interests. DEALTEK® does not deviate from these standards. That's because we care deeply about enhancing each Client's competitive advantage.

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