Development, Expansion, and Location Technologies

DEALTEK® provides leading-edge software & consulting solutions to optimize business creation, location, & operation; facilitate technology transfer & commercialization; & implement strategic capital investment projects. Among other projects, DEALTEK has extensive global experience with siting, acquiring, and developing data centers and other mission critical facilities. We specialize in management, financial, and real estate consulting for the start-up, development, expansion/consolidation, and location/relocation of business operations and facilities. We are involved in domestic and cross-border decisions ranging from building a company’s own resources and capabilities (through license, purchase, lease, construction, finance, or M&A transactions), to forming new business relationships (through new business formations, strategic alliances, or joint ventures). Projects include data centers or network operating centers, headquarters, corporate campuses, manufacturing plants, R&D facilities, natural resource or energy operations, distribution centers, and major retail or entertainment complexes. We also can assist economic development authorities in project negotiations and in modeling an area’s competitiveness against other areas that are vying for the same project.

Development, Expansion, and Location Technologies

DEALTEK's Technology Tools

Our leading edge technology-driven software solution is DEALS® (US Patent No. 7,640,196). DEALS is available either as a stand-alone web-based product by subscription or along with our management, financial, or real estate consulting services. DEALS® presents an incomparable value by:

  • Providing databases and interactive customizable decision support software;

  • Combining economic and demographic data, DEALTEK's powerful analytical models, and management's own decision objectives, project criteria, financial projections, and business scenarios; and

  • Enabling the user to better define its business venture or project requirements, forecast the financial impacts of the project and a location's incentives, analyze the strategic fit of alternative scenarios, and determine their optimal start-up and operating results.

DEALTEK's Technology Tools

From strategic planning through start-up and operations

Whether a Client chooses to license DEALS® as a stand-alone product or have us integrate it where appropriate into our comprehensive, integrated range of consulting services and transaction services, we help our Clients to create, negotiate, and secure the optimal results at the corporate, facility, and process levels.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Our technology-driven solutions give a company a real competitive advantage by enabling it to quickly and inexpensively short-list, optimize, and negotiate complex decision choices from among multiple project requirements, business scenarios, and locations. Determining their relative differences has never been easier. Plus, we can enhance this advantage by tailoring a combination of add-on negotiation and implementation services to meet the unique requirements of the project. Either way, you gain from our experience in planning and executing countless project transactions. Removing obstacles. Fast-tracking. Maximizing flexibility. Minimizing risks and costs. And getting the deal done within schedule, budget, and specifications.

From Strategic Planning Throught Start-Up to Operations

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